Being a Fox

I woke up, and I went hunting.  I caught a deer.  It was delicious.

Then I went back to the den with a little bit of deer for the cubs.  I told them how delicious the deer was.  They loved it too.

Then I told them they could play right outside the den.  If an animal they had never seen before came, they should tell me and I would deal with it.  They will never try to mess with my cubs ever again!  They’ll pay for messing with me.

Then I told my cubs to come in because I was going to go hunting again for lunch.  I caught a big moose.

After lunch, I took a nap.  After one hour had passed, I went out of my bedroom to find my cubs missing . . . . .

(To be continued!)

Welcome to Your Blog!

Welcome to your blog. This will be a place where you will post pieces you have written. The audience for your writing will not only be students in your own classroom; it will include students in other elementary classrooms as well. Other trusted adults will comment on your writing, making suggestions that will help you to become a better writer.

Always post good writing to your blog. When you post comments about others’ writing, please be considerate and respectful as well as helpful. Treat other online members of this project the same way you would treat them if they were right there in the room with you.

You may not give out personal information, like your name, address, phone number, email address, or family information, to anyone – not even to other members of this project. When you work online on the internet, like we will be doing, it’s important to your safety that you keep personal information about yourself private – even if someone else asks.

If you ever see or read anything on your blog or someone else’s blog that disturbs you or makes you feel uncomfortable, please lower the lid on your computer and tell your teacher right away. She will know how to help.

Finally, be sure to let your parents know about this project. Every day, talk to them about what you’re doing and what you’re learning. They will be interested to hear about your new experiences!